Main reasons of Intelligent Hive developing

The world's vegetable and fruit crops depend on the work of bees. Bee pollination is necessary or very important for the proper development of, among others pears, cherries, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, numerous herbs, buckwheat and rape.

Beekeepers estimate that in Poland, 105 bees are decreasing every second. Insects are massively dying as a result of climate change, destruction of their habitats, diseases and chemicalisation of agriculture.

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.”It is attributed to Albert Einstein.

What's happening inside the hive?

In recent years, the growing problem of the Colony Collapse Disorder and so-called "Empty Hives Syndrome", in particular in North America, China and most of Europe can be detected.

Their effects are clearly felt not only by beekeepers, but indirectly by every human being. According to British beekeepers, over 80% of European crops, depend on the bees’ participation in pollinating flowers.

Smart hive is a solution enabling analysis of the swarm's state by monitoring parameters inside the hive such as: humidity, temperature, sound level, location. Collected data using a special integrated circuit, software, and based on existing scientific research analyses the collected data and presents conclusions regarding the state of the beehive.

How does the Intelligent Hives look like?

Monitoring beehives is an effective and easy to implement solution for the problem of decreasing number of bees’ population, resulting in beekeepers losing their money and declining production of food, which has an indirect impact on everyone of us. A system of intelligent hives, in a simple and pleasant way presents the data gathered from beehives.


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